Finding the best lawyers for a medical malpractice case will give you more control.

The best medical malpractice lawyers for your case in D.C., Maryland or Virginia will put you at ease almost immediately.  Experienced medical malpractice attorneys take the time to listen and get all of the information about your case or a case for your child or another family member.  Explaining not just the law - how long you have to file a lawsuit against a hospital, the steps you need to take to give notice to a doctor before filing a medical malpractice case in D.C., when you can serve a Virginia medical malpractice complaint against an HMO, etc. - but just as important, explaining the practical aspects of pursuing a medical malpractice case.

If you've been harmed by the medical system, what happened to you, to your child, or to your family was outside your control.  Here's how we help people get some of that control back.

In our medical malpractice cases, we give people reasonable expectations, based on many years experience handling medical malpractice cases.  Most people don't know what is involved in investigating a potential medical malpractice case in D.C., Maryland or Virginia (it's a little different in each) so we will tell you our step by step approach depending on the type of case.

We tell you what to expect from the hospital, HMO or insurance company.  How long will the investigation process last - and what you should be doing for yourself or injured child.

What happens when a case is filed - how long does it take and what steps do you follow and how will it impact you and your family.

How can the outcome benefit you, your disabled child or your family - because that's really the point, isn't it?

We'll show you the best cases are where you do everything you can for yourself, your disabled child or your family - by getting all of the resources available for your special needs child, for example.

And we'll tell you, we're not the right lawyers for everyone.  We have a certain way of doing things - an approach we take on each case.

But if we can solve your problems and help you get back control over a part of your life that was taken away, we may be the right lawyers for you, your child and your family.

The best way to find out is just to call us at (202) 393 - 3320.  See if we can get you the information, the answers you need to get some of that control back.