Could your child's shoulder dystocia been caused by medical malpractice?

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Shoulder dystocia can sometimes occur at birth when the obstetrician or other hospital providers do not follow the rules of good patient care, does not recognize this complication or does not treat it as an obstetrical emergency.  There are also certain risk factors, such as maternal diabetes or a fetus suspected of weighing more than 4,000 grams.

Umbilical cord compression due to the baby getting "stuck" can lead to a lack of oxygen for the baby, increased acidosis and ultimately brain damage for the baby if the lack of oxygen is prolonged.

Shoulder dystocia usually refers to when one of the baby's shoulders is caught behind the mother's pelvic bone after the baby's head is delivered.  This can lead to brachial plexis palsy, a permanent nerve injury that leaves the child unable to use that arm.

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