Permanent Injuries in DC Require A Higher Settlement Offer Because of Diminshed Earning CapacitySerious Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Back Work Injuries in DC

If you are working in Washington DC at a heavy duty job and you have a serious injury like a cervical (neck), thoracic (spine) or lumbar (lower back) injury you are probably looking at a permanent injury. This means that you will have less earning power over the rest of your career because you won't be able to go back to your trade full duty. You may need to learn a different trade or make a complete career transition.

When your injury happens at work, you need someone to guide you through the complex workers compensation system - one mistake and you could lose tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in your case.

Back and neck injuries at work can be especially serious and many times we see workers in the prime of their career completely knocked off track and unable to go back to work in the same capacity. They may have major surgery and still not recover to where they were before. 

Injured workers with back injuries need to protect their income and financial future while they focus on getting better and their rehabilitation. And they are at risk for getting taken advantage of by the workers comp insurance company - even if they are currently getting paid benefits, that is no guarantee that benefits will continue in the future.

If that sounds like your situation, don't wait to contact The Lawyer Who Literally Wrote The Book on DC workers compensation at 202-393-3320. 

The best part is - it doesn't cost you any more to get an experienced, ethical, nationally recognized D.C. workers comp attorney working for you early in your case to make sure everything is done right and the insurance company doesn't take advantage of you.

For a serious injury case - one that will affect your ability to earn a living and provide for your family, you can go to a TV law firm or big law firm and get the newest, youngest, greenest lawyer on your case - or you can get a nationally recognized, award winning workers compensation attorney like Frank Kearney.

That should be a really easy choice.  But if you're not 100% sure, just read our Google Reviews and call (202) 393 - 3320 to order a free copy of the only book on workers compensation written just for people hurt at work (it is only available to people hurt on the job - you will have to certify that you do not work for a workers comp insurance company or one of their law firms).

Back Injuries Often Require Long Term Recovery and Permanent Lifestyle Changes

If you are a construction worker, server, nurse, or any other kind of worker where you are on your feet all day you could be looking at a long recovery period after injuring your back. You have to be thinking long term. How long will you be out of work? When you return to work, will you be able to earn the same wages? Will you be able to perform all aspects of your job? Do you have a family who are relying on you? 

You don't want to sign up with a lawyer who isn't going to get all aspects of this situation you are now finding yourself in. You don't want to get in with one of those big law firms that hands workers comp cases to the first year associates who are wet behind the ears. You have way too much riding on this to sign up with just anyone.

Attorney Frank Kearney Handles All The DC Workers Compensation Cases Personally

When you sign up with Donahoe Kearney for your workers compensation case you are actually getting Frank Kearney. Not some first year associate who has never handled a case. You get 27 years worth of experience, a nationally recognized advocate for injured workers and the lawyer who literally wrote the book on the DC workers comp system and many, many millions of dollars worth of settlements.

When you choose Donahoe Kearney, you are choosing expertise and hometown advantage. Frank Kearney knows every judge and most every attorney that works for workers compensation insurance. You don't have to worry about inattentiveness or rookie mistakes. Our clients get our A-plus customer service and legal skills. That's just who we are.

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When you call you will speak to a real person who can help you. We will be able to tell very quickly if we can help you. If you need surgery and you're going to be out of work for awhile we are probably the right firm for you. Anyone who is out of work long term due to an injury is going to need an experienced and aggressive DC workers compensation lawyer to protect their income while they are recovering.

Contact us today at 202-393-3320.

We will guide you through the legal process so you can focus on getting better.  We make it easy on you - we do everything for our clients!

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