How Does Medical Malpractice Happen in DC Area Hospitals?

Safe surgery checklists - reminders to all doctors and nurses in the operating room before and during a surgical procedure - are intended to reduce and prevent mistakes during surgery, including serious surgical and anesthesia complications and death. When safe surgery checklists are not used, catastrophic injuries can occur in DC area hospitals. We've all heard horror stories of the wrong leg being amputated, the wrong lung being removed. Safe surgery checklists are an essential part of any successful procedure. 

Safe Surgery Checklist to Prevent Surgical Mistakes In DC

There are three critical time periods that have been identified around the time of surgery:

Right before anesthesia is administered

Right before the incision

During the incision closure

Safe Surgery Checklists can include several safety steps that are easy for doctors and nurses to implement, such as:

Confirming the patient's identity

Marking the surgical site

Checking anesthesia machines and medications

Confirming the surgical procedure and incision site

Counting all of the surgical instruments and sponges

These are just the basics for safe surgery.  Many health care organizations have published their own recommended safe surgery checklists.

What Happens When A Doctor Operates On The Wrong Surgical Site In A DC Area Hospital 

How could a surgical mistake like operating at the wrong surgical site ever happen?  It has happened to people we've represented, and and we have seen cases where doctors were in a rush and didn't stop to thoroughly review a safe surgery checklist, or didn't take an appropriate surgical "time out" to make sure they were performing the right operation on the right person and the right body part.

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