Putting the "Rep" Back in Personal Injury

Personal injury law has the potential to get a bad reputation. You may think of attorneys invading your airspace on the television promising damages for the afflicted. You might think of the obnxious face that you see on the side of a bus. You might even be tempted to use the term ambulance-chasers.

You might even be right about some attorneys. But that is not the case with Donahoe Kearney. We're different.

Imagine you were walking down the street. You were in a great mood, bobbing along to some music and following the pedestrian laws for crossing the street. You are at a busy intersection and out of nowhere a car barrels down on you and connects with your hip, causing you to fly through the air and land on the pavement. You hit your head; you are dizzy and disoriented and not sure how you are going to get help. 

Can you imagine it?

I can - because that is exactly what happened to me.

I was at an intersection in Washington, DC when a car turning left got blinded by the sun and did not see me. He plowed into me as I was crossing within the crosswalk; I had the right of way. Miraculously I got up, seemingly unscathed, but I was dizzy and disoriented. I managed to get the insurance information of the driver but did not call the ambulance. I wasn't thinking clearly, and there was nobody there to help me.

I managed to get to where I was going and from there I was driven to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion at the emergency room. At the time I was uninsured, so I didn't know how I was going to pay for my hospital bills and my lost wages from the time I was out of work.

Although it was a small case my attorney handled it as though it was imporant (I didn't know about Donahoe Kearney or of course I would have called them)! Both financial and physical recovery took far longer than I expected, but after a couple of years I had everything I needed to pay all of my medical bills as well as accounting for lost wages. Better yet, I was healthy and whole; both physically and financially. 

This is why we practice personal injury law at Donahoe Kearney.  You will never see Frank or Keith on the side of a bus. It's because there are real offenses that cause real harm and that drivers need to be accountable for their actions; the person who broke the law in my case (and their insurance company) should be required to pay for the damage they caused. It's really that simple. 

If you have been affected by a situation like mine; hit by a car in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia, give us a call here at Donahoe Kearney and we will speak to you for free: -no obligation, no sales pitch, no pressure, and no advertising


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Brooke Birkey, Legal Assistant, Donahoe Kearney LLP.