Pedestrian Hit by a Car in a DC Crosswalk

This is everyone's nightmare - you get a call from a strange phone number indicating your loved one was hit by a car crossing the street in Washington, D.C. He was in a crosswalk and had the light and still got hit by a car.  

This is a true story but we'll call him Tim to protect his privacy.

Tim's wife, Meaghan (not her real name) got the call about 25 minutes later.  It was from a witness and co-worker of Tim's who saw him get hit from a distance, not knowing it was Tim, and rushed to the corner before EMS, or any other first responders arrived.

Tim had been hit by a car in a crosswalk, crossing with the light. He had the right of way.  When he got hit by the car, he went up and over the hood, landing on the hard pavement.

When the co-worker got to the scene of the accident, it was clear Tim was seriously injured, but he was concious and alert.  Despite the adrenaline, he was already starting to feel the pain.  He knew he was lucky to be alive.

This Pedestrian Did the Right Thing in the Days After the Accident

It was clear the injuries were severe, so a witness called an ambulance. Tim didn't want to go to the hospital in an ambulance at first, but his co-worker strongly recommended it - there was no way to tell how severe the injuries were.  So when EMS arrived, they loaded him into the ambulance on a stretcher and took him to a DC trauma hospital.

A few days later Tim followed up with an orthopedic specialist - a doctor specializing in traumatic injuries.

An MRI showed a torn rotator cuff from the fall (and other tests confirmed a fractured foot and torn ligaments in the ankle) and the specialist recommended surgery.

Tim had gone to a well respected specialist, someone his wife recommended, so he knew he could trust this doctor. Once he got the news that he needed surgery (this was the first surgery of several he would eventually need as a result of getting hit by this car), he knew he would need the right lawyer for him and his family, to make sure he did everything right and could stand up to the driver's insurance company.

The insurance company was already calling him, bothering him to give them a statement so they could record it, and sign a medical release allowing them to get all of his medical records (even if they had nothing to do with his traumatic injuries from this accident) from every doctor he'd ever seen since birth (really - this insurance company's form had no limits on it).

After Getting Hit By a Car, this Pedestrian Knew He Needed the Right Lawyer

Tim had never needed a lawyer for something like this - had never been in trouble, or hurt before, so he wasn't sure how to find the best lawyer for him and his family.  So he did his research - he read all the reviews, ordered a free, no obligation guide to accident cases in DC and talked to another lawyer he knew who recommeded us for a serious injury case in DC.

Tim knew his case was complicated by insurance coverage issues, health insurance reimbursement liens and the length of time his recovery would take.  He was already feeling overwhelmed and didn't want to make a mistake that would cost him and his family.  He was smart, competent and professional but know he was out of his league.

As soon as he came in to see us, we took charge.  We made it easy for him.

We investigated the accident and gathered evidence, and we found an additional source of payment for him - workers comp benefits.  You see, most people don't realize that when you're working and some other person or company causes your injury, you can get both workers comp benefits and damages from the person or company who caused the accident.  And Tim was actually walking from his employer's parking lot to his job when he got hit by the car, so workers comp was notified and started paying him weekly benefits. 

We coached him on how to talk to his doctors, handled all the insurance issues to maximize his recovery and guided him through the legal process every step of the way. By the end, he was confident in accepting a significant settlement, knowing that he had stood up to the other driver's insurance company.

Are We The Best Lawyer For You After A Serious Accident?

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