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You're in the right place.  Most people are overwhelmed, worried and anxious after a serious injury. 

Some people lose everything they've worked for after an injury that wasn't their fault.

You're in a system that favors insurance companies over people who are legitimately hurt on the job.  It's not a fair system.  Even if you meet the legal criteria and should bet workers' comp benefits, your adjuster has years of experience handling thousands of workers comp claims for the insurance company.  And she is trained to find ways to deny or reduce the benefits you need to support your family. It's her job, no matter how nice she is.

So what can you do about it?

In addition to navigating the medical system - new doctors, therapies, medications, all required because of your injury at work, you have to learn a whole new legal system - and fast.  Workers' compensation has gotten so complicated and unforgiving that many lawyers won't take these cases - it would take them too long to learn it.  Talk about being overwhelmed...

We do have a secret weapon that will get you started - the only book on D.C. workers compensation written by a Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer (D.C. workers' compensation cases involve a condensed trial, so this is important) just for (and only for) people who get hurt at work.

You'll find out:

  • when the insurance company has to pay your benefits;
  • the types and duration of benefits available after a work injury;
  • who gets to choose the doctor who will treat you for your injury;
  • how to calculate the amount of benefits you should be getting;
  • what the workers' comp litigation process is like;
  • and a whole lot more... 

Best of all, this book is free to anyone hurt at work in D.C., Virginia or Maryland (we even pay shipping) and it is not available to employees of insurance companies or law firms that represent insurance companies (by the way, insurance companies are required to have a lawyer if your case goes to court, and most have a team of lawyers, doctors, nurse case managers and adjusters working against you behind the scenes from the moment you get hurt...)

Call us today at (202) 393 - 3320 to order your free copy of Protect Your Rights: The Ultimate Guide to DC Workers Comp or click on the icon at the left to order your free copy today.

And as a bonus, since the book will take a few days to arrive in your mailbox, we'll email you a short report to help you avoid the 5 Mistakes that Will Absolutely Kill your Workers Comp Case! 

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