What is a Nurse Case Manager and Can They Be Trusted?

Workers' compensation companies always want to assign nurses or nurse case managers to talk to you, meet with your doctor, attend your medical appointments, etc. Can you trust them? No.

Nurse case managers work for the insurance company, and that's where their loyalty lies. Their job is to save the insurance company money by limiting your medical treatment and the amount of workers' compensation benefits you should be getting. They accomplish this by steering injured workers to insurance doctors and bullying injured workers and their physicians.

Why Do Insurance Companies Hire Nurse Case Managers?Understanding Nurse Case Managers in Washington DC

The insurance company hires nurse case managers to limit the medical treatment your receive, interfering with the doctor-patient relationship, pushing your doctor to get you back to work before you are ready, and limiting medical or diagnostic tests, such as MRIs, that the insurance company will have to pay for.

It is very rare to have nurse case managers that are beneficial to the injured worker. And remember everything you say to an insurance company nurse (and some things you don't) goes back to the insurance company.

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