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The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine released a study last month which indicated that misdiagnosis plays a major role in medical malpractice, and that most of the misdiagnoses that occur as a result of malpractice lead to death or severe disability. While many of these deaths or serious health issues occur are caused by cancer, heart-related problems, and infections, as outlined in this article, doctors often misdiagnose these health issues, and thus are unable prevent the consequences of these potentially dire health issues from taking their toll.

Another study from June 2019 makes it clear that this issue is particularly common in emergency cases due to the intense atmosphere and limited communication available in emergency rooms. 

When you visit a doctor – whether for a routine checkup or a medical emergency – you are putting your trust in them to keep you safe and healthy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. These recent studies suggest that doctors make mistakes more often than we’d like them to, and that this is especially likely if they fail to pay attention to your history and physical examination, or if they neglect to adequately monitor you in general. 

Thankfully, these studies advise medical facilities, and particularly emergency departments, to monitor their doctors more closely and ensure that each patient’s entire medical history is accounted for.

Clearly, the key to keeping patients safe and healthy is attention and communication.

You Can Help Protect Yourself From Medical Errors Like Misdiagnosis in DC Area Hospitals

Hopefully studies like these will encourage medical professionals to take increased steps to prevent misdiagnosis and neglect of patients. As a patient, you can work to protect yourself and your loved ones by speaking up to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate level and type of care. Though it is up to your doctors to address your medical issues, being a tireless advocate for yourself could be a key element to keeping your health a priority. 

However, there are times when negligence occurs regardless of what you do to advocate for yourself. If you are a victim of such negligence and wonder if you have a medical malpractice case, seek help now. We represent clients who have faced life-altering consequences due to a medical professional’s malpractice, and we fight to ensure that our clients have the resources and care that they need.

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