Here's a tip for patients or their families who have been affected by a medical mistake while hospitalilzed.

Make sure you order and receive the actual images (not just the written reports) of any radiology studies that were done.  These could be MRIs, x-rays, CTs or sonograms for example.  With advances in technology, almost every patient undergoes some type of study or diagnostic test that should be reviewed by the radiology specialists and clinical doctors caring for you while you're in the hospital and sometimes outside specialists as well.

These images or films can be criticial in later proving a medical malpractice case.  Obviously, if the images were mis-interpreted, for example, the radiologist did not see a tumor that was present, that could be a basis for a medical malpractice case.

But many times, the studies help determine when an injury occurred, such as when brain damage due to lack of oxygen occurred and can help you determine when the medical malpractice occurred and that it was the cause of the damage that appeared on the images from a study done a few days later.

We've helped many people affected by medical mistakes made by radiologists and other specialists where the actual films or images were important in holding the hospital or doctor accountable for their malpractice. 

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