How Does Emergency Room Chaos Lead To Medical Mistakes?Medical Malpractice In DC Emergency Rooms

Doctors and nurses who work in emergency rooms know they can be chaotic. That's why those who work in the emergency room have to follow established Patient Safety Rules.  Hospital emergency room doctors have to follow the rules just like everyone else in life.  If they don't, and a patient is harmed because of that choice,  that's when malpractice occurs. 

Hospitals in the DC area - DC, MD, and VA should all have rules in place for protecting patients, especially when a situation can be life-threatening and stressful. Patients can come into the emergency room with serious potentially life-threatening medical issues like seizures, pulmonary embolism, respiratory distress, fetal distress, heart attack, stroke, and more. Patients may have suffered severe trauma, fractures, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries in car accidents on the Beltway. All kinds of injuries make their way into the emergency room.

Emergency rooms in DC, Maryland, and Virginia have an obligation to treat patients according to the standard of care (by following the applicable patient safety rules). That usually means ruling out the most serious cause of harm (the condition that could kill or seriously damage the patient) by taking the appropriate history, screening, ordering the correct lab work or tests, getting a specialist to see the patient, or admitting the patient to the hospital.

How Does Medical Malpractice Occur in the DC Area?

When doctors, nurses, techs, etc fail to follow patient safety rules, serious injuries occur that can be traced back to medical malpractice. Any one of these breakdowns, when the proper steps aren't followed, can become medical malpractice. If the hospital care you received fell below the standard of care and you were seriously injured as a result  you should contact our experienced medical malpractice lawyers to find out if you pursue a medical malpractice case against the provider, the hospital, or both.

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