Are Medical Mistakes Really the Third Leading Cause of Death in United States?

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It's hard to believe, isn't it? The third leading cause of death -- is something that is avoidable and should never happen in a hospital.  Medical malpractice is preventable.

Here's what hospitals need to do to avoid harming their patients due to medical malpractice: follow  Patient Safety Rules. 

Do you use checklists at home? Stick them to the front of your refrigerator? Do you have systems at work - standard operating procedures?

This article is from last year, but the trend hasn't exactly been reversing since we first reported on this- in fact back in 2016 NPR reported the same study - and medical errors were still the third leading cause of deaths in America three years ago.

If you can use checklists and procedures at home and at work (where the stakes are probably not life and death) why should hospitals and providers not follow Patient Safety Rules?

The answer is simple. There is no reason.

We hear the same fact pattern over and over. Patient goes to hospital for medical issue. Medical issue is diagnosed and treated -sort of. Doctor fails to follow up on test. Nurse doesn't follow up with doctor. Nobody communicates with patient. Patient goes home without critical information - ends up with a catastrophic injury.

It's not the type of story we like to tell.

One of the reasons why we vigorously represent victims of malpractice is because we want to hold the hospitals and doctors accountable, to keep them from violating Patient Safety Rules in the present, and to discourage others from doing the same. A lawsuit will never bring your loved one back, or give you back a limb, or reverse your paralysis. What a lawsuit does do is ideally to set you up with the funds that you need to navigate a devastating, life-changing injury and help you to manage your life going forward. 

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What are the kinds of stories that we do love to tell? We love to write stories of people who have overcome devastating circumstances to win or settle a lawsuit, get the resources they need to navigate a devastating injury and have come out on top after all of it.

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