How Do You Know You're Getting the Right Settlement After a Car Accident?

There is no perfect formula to getting the right settlement after a car accident. But there are a few guideposts that will help you evaluate whether or not you Making Sure Your Car Accident Settlement Is Fairare getting a fair settlement. Specifically, your medical bills, future medical treatment, and lost wages. 

Medical Bills 

The medical bills that you have accumulated will have to be paid, whether they are outstanding or you have been using your personal insurance. If your medical bills are oustanding or you paid them yourself, you will want to negotiate enough money to pay them or reimburse you for what you've paid. Your personal insurance company will also want to be paid for what they've spent on you for your recovery. This is called subrogation, and if you're dealing with this you may need to call a lawyer because this can get complicated.

Future Medical Treatment 

If you aren't finished with medical treatment, you will want to negotiate enough to cover your future medical treatment. You may not know exactly how much this will be and so we usually advise people not to settle their case until their medical treatment. 

Lost Wages

If you've already lost money due to missed work, you will want to have your human resources department document how much so you can keep track of what you are owed. If you will continue to miss work due to your injury or you can't go back to work, you will want to try to quanitfy how much money that will be over the course of the time you will be out in order to make that a part of the settlement negotiations.

If You've Been Seriously Injured in a Car Accident, You May Need an Experienced Accident Lawyer To Help You With Your Claim

Tracking medical records and medical bills, dealing with subrogation and liens, and estimating future care are all issues that can become difficult and complicated with a serious injury. The more serious the injury, the more voluminous the medical records and bills wills be, the more complicated subrogation will become, and the harder the insurance company will fight to deny or limit your claim. Contact our car accident lawyers today at 202-393-3320 and you'll speak to a real person who can help you get started in the right direction.

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