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Sneaky Clauses Can Help the Insurance Company to Get Out on a Technicality

When you sign up for an insurance policy you should read the policy thoroughly to see if there are any of these "sneaky clauses" in there that will make it more difficult for you to sustain your claim.

Here are a few just as an example:

  • The insurance company has the "discretion" to determine your benefits (read between the lines; they get to decided whether or not you are disabled);
  • You only get paid benefits if you can't perform "each and every" important duty of your job (so, typing for 30 minutes is a part of your job. If you can do that, they will overlook the fact that you can't sit for 30 minutes due to back pain);
  • Your benefits will be terminated if the insurance company says you could work part-time but don't (part-time could be five hours a week - who can make a living off of that)?

​If You Claim is Denied, You Should Contact Our Experienced Long Term Disability Lawyers Today

The insurance company can and will use these tricky clauses to get out of paying your benefits on a technicality. If you have been denied disability benefits by your individual or group disability insurance policy, we can get your denial letter reviewed for free. Call 202-393-3320 for more information.

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