Get Your Workers Compensation Claim Off To the Right Start in Washington, DC

If you've been injured on the job, it's probably your first time filing for workers compensation and dealing with the insurance company. You need information to make sure you are doing all the right things, and give yourself the best chance at success while you're injured and out of work. Here are three things you need to know about workers compensation in DC right off the bat.

The First Thing You Need To Do Is Report the Injury

After an injury, you may not be thinking about reporting to the appropriate people but this is a very important step. You need to make sure you report the injury, in writing, to your supervisor. It's not enough to report it to your co-workers. There is a statute of limitations in workers compensation and so it matters when you inform your supervisor of the injury. And make sure that you tell them it happened at work. This is critical.

Remember, your employer is different than the workers compensation insurance carrier. While you may need to discuss the injury with your employer for the purposes of being out on workers comp, they do not make decisions about your case.

The Second Thing Is You Need To Choose Your Own Treating Physician

One of the first things the insurance company will try to get you to do is see their insurance doctor. This doctor does not work for you and probably does not have your best interest in mind. If you were injured in DC, you have the right to choose your own doctor (and you really need to do this). Your doctor will work on your behalf, make recommendations with your best interest in mind, and help you get through your workers compensation case. He or she will determine when you're ready to go back to work.

When you choose your doctor, you need to make sure you tell them you got hurt at work and give them a description of the work that you do. They will use this information to determine your treatment plan and your plan to return to work.

The Third Thing Is You Need To File Your Claim In The Right State

The insurance company will try to get you to register for workers comp in the state that pays you the least. It's easy to get mixed up in DC, Maryland, and Virginia but just keep in mind you should file your claim in the state where your employer is located and/or you work the most. If you work 51% or more in DC and you were injured in DC, your claim is in DC. DC pays the most out of the three states, so don't be surprised if your insurance adjuster tells you to file in Maryland because that's where you live. That's not how it works, so don't allow yourself to be tricked into filing in the wrong state because once you file, you can't move your claim. 

If You're Filing For Workers Compensation in Washington, DC You Need An Experienced DC Workers Compensation Lawyer

Most people are terrified of losing income after an injury keeps them out of work. We provide financial stability and medical treatment while you can’t work so you can pay your bills and recover. 

Don't try to handle a serious injury on your own. You could be out of work for months or even years if you have surgery. Some people who have been seriously injured on the job are never able to return to full duty. You need someone who understands the system to advocate for you and guide you through the process. It's up to you to stand up to the insurance company and you can do that with an experienced workers compensation lawyer as your guide.

We are that experienced workers compensation firm. Contact us today at 202-393-3320 to get started. We make it really easy.

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