Car accidents causing serious injury or death

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Too many drivers are in a hurry.  On their cell phone, aggressive driving, even drunk driving.  The result is serious accidents.  And car and truck accidents causing serious injuries and death.  In Maryland, Virginia and D.C. we have the beltway, freeways, and other high speed roads filled with cars, trucks and tractor trailers.

Accidents are not just an accident.  They are avoidable.  And the injuries and deaths they cause can affect victims for a lifetime.  

How do you protect your rights if you are hurt in a car or truck  accident?

First, and most obvious, get the medical treatment you need.  Faster and more aggressive medical care can reduce the time it takes to recover and get people back on their feet.  Generally, the longer a patient waits to get medical treatment for an accident, the harder it is to prove the injuries and treatment are caused by the accident.  Automobile insurance companies love delay because they know and take advantage of this.

Have your car and the other driver's car photographed to show the damage and have the car inspected by a competent body shop to estimate the damage and repairs.

Talk to the investigating police officer and get a copy of the police report.  Sometimes police officers will talk to only one party and get just one side of the story.

Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.  If there is a dispute as to liability (who caused the accident) independent eye witnesses can be critical in proving who caused the accident.

Call your insurance company to report the accident.  If you have medical payments or personal injury protection, you can use this coverage to pay your lost wages and medical bills.

If you are not seriously injured, you may be able to resolve your claim with the insurance company quickly and efficiently without hiring a lawyer.  If you call one of our attorneys, we'll discuss your case and tell you whether we think you even need a lawyer.

If you are hurt and your injuries are permanent, or you can't feed your family because of the injuries, or have lost a loved one killed in an accident, you should protect your rights by consulting an attorney as soon as possible.  At  Donahoe Kearney, LLP, we help accident victims and families who have lost a loved one, representing people in car accident cases and wrongful death cases.