Workers compensation is different in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. And many injured workers and their families could be losing hundreds of dollars every week in workers compensation benefits. Get the book on D.C. workers compensation so this doesn't happen to you.

If you were hurt on the job in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, don't rely on what your boss, co-workers, family or friends tell you - they may mean well but may be giving you advice that could cost your family hundreds of dollars every week...

The workers comp insurance company will tell you one thing, someone else will tell you another.  Depending on where you got hurt, where your company is and the type of work you do, where to file your workers compensation claim may be a big issue for you.

You see, every state and the District of Columbia is different.  Different laws apply, different time frames, benefit rates, different systems, etc.

And making the wrong choice could cost you.

So before you sign forms from an insurance company or give a statement to the workers compensation insurance adjuster, get the book - the only book written for working people by an experienced, Board Certified practicing attorney that explains the differences in each system and the traps to watch out for.

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