Your DC Workers Comp Case is Important to Your Health and Finances

Let's face it, after an injury at work, everything changes.

You now have to deal with the effects of the injury - hospitalization, surgery, rehab, pain, medical appointments, doctors visits and all of the things you How to Get the Highest Workers Comp Settlement in DCneed to do medically to recover from your work injury.

But once you're in the workers comp system, it's a lot more than that.

You're now dealing with insurance adjusters, nurse case managers, investigators, insurance doctors, workers comp insurance lawyers and everything else a big insurance company can throw at you.  Plus the workers comp law and regulations are confusing - sometimes what you read in the statute has been changed but not updated online - and there are 58 chapters of D.C. regulations that go along with the DC Workers Comp Act.

And your insurance adjuster has probably handled thousands of cases just like yours for the insurance company.

How are you supposed to keep up with that?

Don't let the workers comp insurance adjuster take advantage of you.

Because if you have a serious on the job injury, can't work and need medical treatment, its not a fight you want to take on alone. You could lose everything you've worked hard for by making a critical mistake with your workers comp case (and you won't even know it's a mistake).

How Does the Best Workers Comp Lawyer Get You a Better Settlement?

It all starts with experience - real experience helping people and families with life changing injuries - not making TV commercials.

You need someone who not only understands the workers comp system and has the experience of helping thousands of people, you need someone who knows the medicine and can work with your doctors or other medical experts and specialists to develop the evidence you need to prove your injury keeps you from working.

Our work for patients harmed by the medical system in medical malpractice and on behalf of people denied long term disability benefits gives us a real advantage in a serious injury workers comp case because we know the medicine, have access to medical experts and specialists, nurses and medical researchers.

And we begin with the end in mind.  

From the first day we meet, we work to maximize your case - to set up your financial and medical recovery, so you can focus on getting better.  That is always our goal - to support you with what you want from your life after a serious injury.  It will be different, but in many cases, we've helped people turn a serious work injury into an opportunity. 

Honestly, it also helps to know how insurance companies work.  One of our attorneys started his career representing workers comp insurance companies in DC, so he knows how they work.

There are a lot of factors that go into getting you and your family the best workers comp settlement for your case - these are just a few examples. 

Our clients get a much more detailed road map of their case and what to expect every step of the way - you'll love our communication and how we do things, it's much different than any other law firm.  Just check out some of our reviews to see what we mean!

Look, we've had a lot of clients who couldn't go back to work after an injury - it is a tough process to go through.  But we go through it with you.  And many of our clients have turned their workers comp settlement into something they always wanted to do, a new career, a move, an early retirement.  

We plan your case for your life, not the other way around.

How to Get the Lawyer Who Literally Wrote the Book on DC Workers Comp Working for You

We're happy to help you if you have a serious in the job injury that keeps you from working.  But please note, we intentionally limit the number of cases we take at any one time so we can focus on the people who need us the most - people with serious injuries facing surgeries, rehab and a long recovery.

That's where we can do the most good.  So if that's you, we're probably a good fit.

Not only is DC Workers Comp Attorney Frank R. Kearney an experienced, nationally recognized, award winning advocate for workers, who is Board Certified by the the National Board of Trial Advocacy, he literally wrote the book on Workers Compensation in DC. 

Call us today at (202) 393 - 3320 and tell us what happened and see how we can help.  The call is free, confidential and absolutely without any obligation. 

We promise we will listen, help you if we can and even send you a free copy of Mr. Kearney's book (while supplies last).

But don't wait - even if you're receiving benefits, you can bet the workers comp insurance company is working against you right now.


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