How to End the Constant Stress of Your Workers Comp Case So You Can Get Better, Make More Money and Be There For Your Family.

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Any serious work injury takes a toll on a person (and a family).  No longer independent, you now have to rely on the workers comp insurance company for monetary benefits and medical treatment.

You haven't had to depend on someone else since when?  High school? Jr. high?

It's a lot different now.  And you know the insurance company adjuster has years of experience handling thousands of claims for the insurance company, with access to doctors, nurses, case managers and lawyers...who do you have working for you?

Can you trust the workers comp insurance company with your medical treatment and your money?

That causes you a ton of stress.  You are always worried about it on some level.  And with good reason.

You go to the mailbox wondering if your check will come.

You don't know whether a simple prescription will get filled.  Or whether a doctor's appointment or therapy session will be authorized.

You call the adjuster - she is too busy for you and sometimes just plain rude.

You "have to" meet with a nurse who attends your doctor's appointments and then meets privately with the doctor.

You're worried, anxious and unsure.

But you don't have to be.  We can give you the tools you need to know the system and have the confidence to know you are doing the right thing with your case.  You see, our clients are confident, knowledgeable and assertive.  They've read the book on workers comp and know that they won't have to ever talk to the adjuster again, or ever meet with the nurse again.

We take away the worry so you can focus on getting better and being there for your family.

If you're interested in working with us after a serious injury, call or email today so we can talk about it.  First and foremost, we want to make sure we can help you.  And if we can help, we want to get started today, so you and your family won't have all of the stress you have now.


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