We Only Take Your Case if we Can Truly Help You

At Donahoe Kearney, one of our core values is that “we take honor in our profession.” And we see you and we see your family. You are the face of the experience, and it’s because of so many of your resilience, integrity, and hard work that we are able to get a great outcome on your case.

In today’s society, especially in the DMV, it’s so easy to stop seeing people. We see causes, and agendas, and ideologies, but we don’t see people. When you call us on the phone and when you come into the office, we see you. We don’t see a “case factory,” where we can run your case through the mill.  We see you. We see your spouse, and your kids. We know your hopes, and we hear your anxieties. And that is why we commit to doing the best job possible on your case.

We won’t pretend that injury law isn’t tough. I used to work for an attorney at a real estate firm and title company who called our practice area “happy law.” And for the most part, it was. The attorneys did real estate closings and business incorporations and had a great time. It was largely light, fun work. Everyone knows that in real estate all of the true drama is shouldered by the real estate brokers!

In injury law, people don’t come in unless they are going through something very serious. Even catastrophic. Probably wouldn’t necessarily be categorized as “happy law” just by the nature of it.

Plaintiff’s attorneys sometimes get a bad rep because so many people in the industry will take on any case just to make a buck. They will spend thousands, even millions of dollars of television advertising and billboard ads. They will sign you up and then not speak to you for the next six years. It’s not a respectable way to do business, and it takes some of the honor away from the profession and the people who are seriously hurt. That’s what we think, at least.

But here’s the thing: we are not going to take your case unless you really need us. It’s that simple. We are not going to take your case unless there is something significant we can do for you and your family. We are selective because we value you, and we value your experience. And we know that injury law is not necessarily “happy law,” but it’s our job to be your advocate in an adversarial system, so that a situation that might otherwise do you in and rob you of your health, your savings, and your sanity can turn into something manageable and even positive in the end.

Don’t believe me? Just ask our clients.

 Please learn from me...you cannot navigate the many obstacles you face when dealing with an injury case or workers comp case. You are setting yourself up for failure. You must have an attorney to ensure you are represented correctly, and since you need an attorney...do yourself a favor and get the best out there! I highly, highly recommend giving Donahoe Kearney a call. If your case is accepted it will be the best decision you could make to give yourself the best chance of coming out of an unfortunate situation, on top and hopefully healthy. I truly cannot say enough positive things about Mr. Kearney, Brooke and the rest of the crew at Donahoe Kearney. From day 1 they have treated me great and the representation I have received has thoroughly exceeded my expectations. My family and I are extremely grateful to have them on our side. I honestly cannot recommend them enough.

-Jason S., Upper Marlboro, MD (photo with daugther, Kennedi)

Do you know somebody who needs us? We always, always speak to anyone that one of our clients has referred, or somebody who is on our newsletter list – guaranteed. We will try to help them even if we don’t take their case. We will provide information or make a referral in order to assist those who took the time to call us.

Thanks for continuing to read our newsletter, and thanks for continuing to put a valued and meaningful “face,” on the work that we do.


Brooke M. Birkey

Manager Education, Client Services, & Communications