On Workers compensation? The insurance company can be watching and videotaping your every move, discussing your case with your neighbors and following your family.

As an experienced D.C. trial attorney, I know workers compensation insurance companies can make it rough on injured workers.  I've come to expect it.  They will try anything to deny, delay and avoid their responsibility for paying workers compensation benefits to legitimately injured workers.

But once we've won the case and they're paying, what kinds of things will they do?  And the more they have to pay in workers compensation benefits, the more they will do.

First of all, expect them to hire investigators to follow you and your family around and videotape you going to the grocery school, your kid's school, the gas station.  And they'll get lots of surveillance film showing you doing those things - getting in and out of the car, carrying groceries, that kind of thing.  None of that will help them (or hurt your workers comp case).

They may talk to your neighbors about you, pretending to be someone else and asking a lot of personal questions - do you go out much, what kind of things does your wife spend money on, what do you do around the house (you'd be surprised at how much people talk).

They will call your house and pretend to be someone else or a salesperson so they can "interview" you.

They will search databases, the internet and facebook looking for something they can use to deny your workers compensation claim or settle your case for less money. 

You just have to be careful and watch out for these creeps.  If you see a suspicious van or car or someone creeping around your house, call the police.  

And just go about your normal life.  The only way surveillance video hurts a case is if it shows someone is working - and if you are working, you should not be collecting full workers compensation benefits anyway and are probably committing fraud and in a lot of other trouble anyway.