Birth Injury Attorney For Brachial Plexus and Erb’s Palsy

What Is Erb’s Palsy and What Are the Symptoms?

Erb’s Palsy is a type of brachial plexus palsy. The brachial plexus is a group of nerves near the neck that affect the motion and movement of nerves in the neck, back, shoulders, arms Was Your Baby Born With Erb’s Palsy? and fingers. The palsy, or weakness, will generally cause weakness on one side of the upper body.

Sometimes during a dangerous or otherwise difficult delivery, the baby’s neck may be stretched too much to one side, causing a palsy in the corresponding nerves in the neck, arms, shoulders, and sometimes fingers. Usually, with Erb’s Palsy, you will see weakness in one arm, loss of feeling in that arm, and/or partial or total paralysis in that arm.

Most Babies Can Recover From Erb’s Palsy

If they are able to undergo physical therapy to strengthen the nerves and the muscles in that part of the body, children can recover ability and function in that arm. Because we’ve worked with families with children with this condition before, we know how much getting the right benefits can mean- especially when your child needs constant physical therapy. In cases like these, we’ve gotten beneficiaries of people who have been hurt enough money to take care of themselves given all their new medical bills.

What Other Types of Injuries Are Sometimes Caused By Medical Malpractice at Birth?

Two of the most common injuries and medical conditions that can result from medical malpractice (many times this is due to a delay in delivering the baby when there are signs that the baby is in distress – and sometimes it’s because of the residents, interns, and medical students at the hospital don’t recognize the need to act quickly) are cerebral palsy and shoulder dystocia. We’ve helped children and families with medical malpractice cases against hospitals for causing these injuries.

Let Us Help So That We Can Figure Out a Course of Action That Is Right For You

We know parents, family members, and other caretakers play an active role in seeing that the child recovers – and sometimes that means finding good respite care, play centers, and camps that will continue physical therapy routines that are practiced at home. We’ve learned a lot from parents and heard what they thought the best resources in the area are for children with special needs, and we’ve combined them all into our guide Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves – and what’s more?

We’re offering it for free to parents of children with disabilities. Just give us a call at 202-393-3320 and we’ll have your copy sent out today.

by Frank R. Kearney, Attorney-at-Law

Experienced DC Workers’ Comp, Long Term Disability & Accident Lawyer,

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