Wrongful Death Lawsuit And the Statute of Limitations

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Don't wait to have a lawyer investigate a wrongful death or serious injury case.

We've written a lot about the statute of limitations for injury and death cases in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  And the key is to have a lawyer you trust review and investigate your case well before the statute of limitations (the time limit on when you can file a lawsuit) will expire.

Right now, making it's way through the court system is a case for families of coal miners killed in an explosion 50 years ago.  The families of the 78 miners killed say that the mining company witheld or concealed facts about an investigation into the cause of the explosion.  Others say there was some evidence of a cause - an alarm system that was disabled or wasn't working, that if activated, would have shut off power in the mine and prevented the explosion.    

This is a tragic story of the death of 78 workers, and the families have vivid recollections of children saying good-bye to their fathers as they left for work, but never came home.  It's something you never forget, even 50 years later.

But the legal battle they face - asking an appeals court to re-instate the lawsuit that was dismissed because of the statute of limitations - is a tough, tough battle.  Even if they can prove the mining company fraudulently concealed information about the explosion, after so much time has passed.

It's a harsh and tragic lesson, where the responsible parties may never be held accountable and the families may never find out what happened that day.

If you're facing a serious injury or death in the family because of something that shouldn't have happened - a work accident, an accident on the road or something that went wrong in a hospital - don't wait to get a lawyer you trust to investigate it for you.  These cases take time to prepare and investigate, and they are all subject to a statute of limitations.

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