Discover 5 Steps to Avoid Being Burned by the Workers Comp Adjuster

Let's face it, after a serious work injury you have to be focused on your recovery, health and medical treatment.  But you're worried and stressed about not getting benefits to replace the income you are losing because of the injury.

And you know the workers comp adjuster has way more experience than you do - she deals with hundreds of cases every week.

You only have one case.

So before you give the adjuster a recorded statement (that will be used to deny or delay your benefits based on a high school sports injury or some other nonsennse they ask you about), sign any medical release forms (that will give them access to every doctor's visit you've had since birth, and divulge family history and other personal details that have nothing to do with a torn rotator cuff, for example) or file a claim form (after an injury in DC, they may send you a Maryland claim form to sign "so we can start paying you" - but filing in the wrong jurisdiction could cost you hundreds of dollars every single week)...

Just do one thing.

Download a copy of our quick, easy to read guide on D.C. workers compensation 5 Mistakes That Will Absolutely Kill Your Workers Compensation Case.

It's available right here on our website, and it's free. 

What if you've already done some of these things?  Call us and we will talk it through with you - we set up limited times every week to answer questions about workers compensation and serious injuries.  But that time is limited, so call today (202) 393 - 3320.

If you call, we'll also send you a copy of the only book on D.C. workers compensation written by a Board Certified, practicing lawyer, a $16.95 value.  Answering almost every question about this difficult and sometimes confusing workers comp system and laws in D.C., this has proven to be a great resource for many workers hurt on the job.