Medical Malpractice Lawyers have a duty to their clients - patients injured by medical mistakes and families who have lost a loved one due to medical malpractice. Some Maryland hospitals now have a list of medical malpractice attorneys they refer patients to.

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Experienced medical malpractice lawyers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia know how difficult it can be to sue a hospital, HMO or doctor for medical malpractice when a patient suffers a catastrophic injury or death because of medical malpractice.  An injured patient or the family of a loved one in a wrongful death case deserves the best medical malpractice attorney for their case.

In D.C., Maryland and Virginia, medical malpractice cases are different than other cases. They require medical experts in different medical specialties, involve complex issues regarding science and medicine, and are usually the one shot a patient with a severe injury or family that has lost a loved one has to at least make up for some of the financial harms and losses caused by the malpractice.

We were shocked to see that Maryland hospitals (really the corporations that run the hospitals) are recommending lawyers to patients with medical malpractice cases against the hospital.

Is this illegal or unethical?  No. Is it smart for an injured patient or family who lost a loved one?  No.


According to a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, the practice is pretty wide spread.  And the hospital corporations keep a list of "vetted" lawyers they can refer patients to. 

Would you trust the hospital that committed the medical malpractice to recommend a lawyer to you?  Especially since most medical malpractice cases are not settled early, and hospital corporations will probably fight you the whole way?

Find experienced medical malpractice lawyers you can trust.  With a track record of medical malpractice verdicts and settlements. 

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