Are you frustrated dealing with the workers' comp adjuster after you got hurt at work?

Now you're dealing with workers' comp.

Let's face it, after a serious injury at work you have a lot to worry about and deal with recovering from an injury.  Doctors, specialists, hospitals, surgery, medication, pain may all be part of your new daily routine.

And, there is something else you have to worry about as well - workers' comp. 

Will you get the medical treatment you need? Will your checks come on time? Will you be paid the right amount?

What if you can't go back to work?  What if you have a permanent injury?

Can you trust the workers' comp insurance company to take care of you and your family?

No.  And here's why - the workers' comp insurance adjuster and her company has a duty to the insurance company shareholders to make money for the insurance company.  One of the ways they do that is to pay you less.  This can be by cutting or directing your medical treatment, getting you to one of their doctors,  paying you less in benefits, not telling you what benefits you are entitled to (they don't have to).

Is it worth it to you - the worry, frustration and not knowing if you will get a fair shake dealing with the insurance company on your own?

Do you need a lawyer who specializes in workers' comp cases to help you?

You've never hired a lawyer before.

Most of our clients haven't either.  What can you expect?

Well from us, you can expect personal attention with your questions answered right away.  You'll get the advice of a Board Certified lawyer (not some kid out of law school) who has written the book on D.C. Workers' Comp, plus guides, reports and other information to help you.  This means you'll get the advice and representation you need.

And that means taking care of the worrry and frustration of dealing with the insurance company.  Let us do that for you so you can focus on your health, recovery and family.

Order one of our free, no obligation books or guides to help you.  And if you have questions, we can answer them.  Since we don't advertise, we set up times every week to answer questions.  Just call (202) 393 - 3320 to get on that schedule - and anyone who answers the phone can help you - there is no call center in India like you get when you call those TV ads.