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You've been on workers compensation for awhile now and everything has been going okay. Not great, but okay. You're pretty much healed and you want to be done with it all. The workers compensation adjuster contacts you one day and floats the idea of a settlement. The number sounds low but you're not sure. How do you measure the value of a settlement? And how do you know if what they are offering is fair?

How Can A Settlement Offer Be Evaluated In DC Workers Compensation?

In any settlement review there are three factors; severity of the injury, income benefits, and residual capacity. Want to learn more from our experienced staff? Contact us right now at (202) 915-9109.

Severity Of The Injury

In any review for the value of a case, the severity of the injury is a big factor. When you reach settlement, are you completely healed? Or do you ongoing medical treatment. Are you done with medical treatment but the functionality of your (hand, wrist, knee, shoulder) is permanently altered? That's called a permanent impairment and it's usually evaluated by an orthopedic doctor or another specialist. These are all things to consider in signing a settlement agreement. 

If you are going to need medical treatment for the rest of your life, there should be a number attached to that. One of the services we provide for our clients is we make sure that the right number is matched up to the injury when the case settles.

Income Benefits

The financial aspect of your case (called the indemnity portion) depends on how much money you were making at the time you were injured, and how much money the insurance company would spend on you if you continued to be "on claim." It also takes into account the wages you will lose as the result of your injury, if you have a permanent impairment and cannot go back to work in the same capacity.

This is where most people need a lawyer. The insurance company is more than likely going to offer you far less than they would if the settlement were calculated properly. You also want to make sure you are not settling too soon. If you don't know the full extent of the injury and you're not done with medical treatment, it's probably too soon to settle. You should contact an experienced workers comp lawyer to make sure.

Residual Capacity

Residual capacity is a legal term that means "how much can you earn and what can you do for a living now?" Cases with very low residual capacity settle for more than if you still have all of your earning power. For example, cases settling for an injured construction site worker who can no longer do his job is going to settle for a lot more than a professional who injured their ankle, but their job is mostly sedentary and they can keep doing it.

You Need An Experienced DC Workers Compensation Lawyer To Review Your Settlement!

The settlement amount really depends on the different configurations of the injury, benefits, and residual capacity. That's why if you have questions or you're not sure if you're being offered a fair settlement, give us a call today at (202) 915-9109. Our aggressive workers comp lawyer Frank Kearney reviews the medical history, the income benefits, and gets to know our clients who come to us toward the end of their case before making any recommendations for settlement. At Donahoe Kearney we always put the client first and will work hard to get them the best settlement and make the best choices for their future.

Contact us today at (202) 915-9109. We don't take any payment up front, and will only take a fee if we are able to successfully negotiate a settlement that is best for you. We take the stress out of the equation and put you in the best position to live your best life after a work injuy in DC.

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