Injured Workers: File D.C. Workers Compensation Claim Forms

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D.C. has two forms that should be filed in any workers compensation case.  When a worker gets hurt on the job, his employer should give these forms to him or her.  But many don't.

One large D.C. employer would give injured workers only one of the forms.  And most workers would naturally think they had properly protected their rights by filing their workers compensation claim by simply doing what their employer told them to do. 

Some workers compensation insurance companies or employers will give Maryland or Virginia forms to an injured employee legitimately hurt and working in D.C. if there is any other connection to those states - the worker lives there or the company has an office there, for example.  Why would it matter?  Because depending upon the injury, the benefits for the injured worker and his family could be much lower in Maryland or Virginia.  That's good for the insurance company, but not for you.

Both the Employee's Notice of Injury, also called Form 7, and the Employee's Claim form, also called Form 7A are available on our website.  Anyone hurt at work in the District should file both.
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