D.C. Workers Compensation Benefit Increase

The maximum benefit rate for workers injured in the Distrtict of Columbia was increased in 2008.  For any work injury, an injured worker's earnings are averaged - in the District of Columbia, this average is the earnings for the 26 weeks before the employee was injured at work.

Once the average weekly wage is calculated, an injured worker receives 2/3 of that as his or her workers compensation rate while he or she cannot work at all.  These are also called temporary total disability benefits.  These benefits (TTD) are subject to a maximum compensation rate or cap.  In 2009, the maximum compensation rate for D.C. workers compensation claims was increased to $1,355.00 per week.  For an injured worker hurt on the job in 2009, his or her benefit rate cannot exceed that maximum compensation rate.

For injured employees entitled to permanent total disability - injured workers who have been adjudicated as unable to return to any type of gainful employment, or those receiving death benefits , the cost of living increase was 5.21% (however, this is limited to 5% by statute).

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