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Most People Don't Know this...

Workers comp laws and benefits are completely different in DC, Maryland and Virginia - so it matters where you file your workers comp claim if you've had a serious injury on the job.

I talked to a union rep the other day who didn't realize he had made a mistake with his own workers comp case (one that could cost him $ 439.29 every single week - that is $ 22,843.08 in tax free income over just one year).

You see, try as we do to spread the word on the workers comp systems in DC, Maryland and Virginia - through our guides, reports, union letters and especially our definitive book on DC Workers Comp, now in it's 3rd edition - some people still don't know the financial damage they are doing to themselves and their families by filing their workers comp case in the wrong jurisdiction.

Here's how it usually works.

After a serious injury, you're focused on rehab and getting better, maybe you just had surgery or will need it soon, maybe you're on pain killers and other medications so you're not as sharp as you usually are, maybe you have a good friend or relative who has been through this and tells you what you should do, or maybe the insurance adjuster calls and tells you she is ready to send you a benefits check and authorize all of your medical treatment as soon as you sign and return the forms she sends you.

That all sounds great.

Don't File Your Workers Comp Claim Without at least talking to us.

Because here's what could happen to you and your family...

Even though your injury was in DC or most of your work was in DC, she sends you Maryland claim forms.  You don't think much of it because, after all, you live in Maryland and your company is based there, so what's the difference?

$ 439.29 every week to be exact.

You see, that's the difference between the maximum workers comp benefit rates between DC and Maryland (it's $ 470.29 difference between DC and Virginia maximum workers comp rates).

And the killer is, once you've filed and accepted benefits in another state, you can't come back and file in DC - you're stuck losing $ 439.29 every single week.

So the moral of the story is - Don't sign anything the workers comp insurance adjuster sends you until you have read the only book that explains DC workers comp for workers hurt on the job - easy to read, informative and full of traps and tricks to watch out for - its the book the insurance company doesn't want you to read! 

Order your FREE no obligation copy today by clicking on the book cover on the left or call us at (202) 393 - 3320 and we'll send it out today! Or stop by our office to pick up a copy - it's a real book so we can't just email it.

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