You Can Get A Settlement To Cover Your Losses After A Car Accident Even If You're Not The Suing Type 

DC Car Accident Settlements Make You Whole After An Injury

You're walking to the metro after work.  It's dark, about 6:00 in the evening, and it's rush hour.  Your mother always told you to look both ways, and even as an adult you do that. You're in shape and athletic and just want to get home. You're almost to the end of the block where you will cross a major Washington D.C. street. About 50 feet behind you is a car with an impatient driver.  You don't know it, but he has been going in and out of lanes trying to get around cars for 3 or 4 blocks now.  

The light is green and you have the walk signal.  You step off the curb and into the cross walk.  You take a few steps.

The car behind you is tired of inching forward in traffic.  He decides to turn right, no turn signal, and he whips around another car to do it.  You barely hear something and you are down on the pavement.  Pedestrians, then police officers, then the ambulance crew are all asking what happened.

You just got hit by a car when you were in a crosswalk, crossing with the light.  Your knee is torn up, and you can't put weight on it.  You're stunned and scared and your hands are skinned. You have to go to the emergency room and follow up later with an orthopedist. You might need surgery - if physical therapy doesn't work you will have to consider it.

You get medical treatment and slowly start to heal with physical therapy.  You go back to work again and start to enjoy your life a little more.  You never wanted to sue anyone.  You have medical treatment to pay for and lost time from work.  It takes a full year to get back to normal. You're not the suing kind, but you need some help getting back on your feet.

settlement helps financially, but also holds the other driver responsible for what he did.

At Donahoe Kearney, that's what we do. We hold the offending party responsible, so that you can get back to work and back to your life. Contact our experienced car accident lawyers today at 202-393-3320.

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