If you're hurt on the job working in D.C. or for a D.C. employer, don't give away hundreds of dollars every week by listening to the insurance company or not knowing what to do.

Hurt at work?  You should be able to get workers compensation.  It sounds easy, but its not.

Here is an example of what some  insurance company adjusters do if someone is hurt on the job in D.C. or works for a D.C. company (and doesn't have a lawyer).  They have the injured worker file his workers comp claim in Maryland or Virginia before he can get to an experienced workers compensation lawyer to help him.

When you get hurt on the job, it seems easy to fill out a few forms and listen to the insurance adjuster, talk to her and try to do the right thing.  If you're like a lot of my clients, you just want to do the right thing, get the medical treatment and benefits you need and get back to work.

But the adjuster knows there is a big difference between the amount of benefits available in D.C. over the amounts available in Maryland or Virginia - the difference is sometimes hundreds of dollars per week.  That's why they want you to file a claim in another state if they can.

And they don't have to tell you why, or the difference or the options you may have.  Because the insurance company doesn't work for you - even if you have a great relationship with your company, your boss, and you've been there a long time, it doesn't matter to the insurance company.  They make money by paying you less - less in the weekly monetary benefits you should be getting, less medical treatment, less of everything.

Get what you deserve by getting the information you need before filing any workers comp forms, hiring a lawyer or talking to the insurance comany.

Get the Ultimate Guide to D.C. Workers Compensation - the only book for injured workers in D.C. written by a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with 20 years of experience.

And if you need an answer today - if they are pressuring you to fill out forms or give a statement, call us at (202) 393 - 3320 and we'll try to answer your question on the spot or at least set up a time to do so.