What Does Your Child With Cerebral Palsy Need?Caring For Children With Cerebral Palsy In DC

Your child with cerebral palsy or other special needs or disability has different and individual needs.  Working with many families of children with cerebral palsy and disabilities caused by medical malpractice has given us a lot of insight and experience, but nothing compared to yours.

You know caring for a child with cerebral palsy is a 24/7 occupation.  You have patience, love, strength (physical and emotional). 

And you need every bit of it.

If you're like many of the families we work with, your child may need transportation - a wheelchair accessible van with a driver - to go to school, church, family parties, therapy, programs, maybe a part time job for people with disabilities.

And your child will need a safe and accomodating place to live.  The best place for him to live could be in your home, with modifications and renovations.

Your child may need someone to stay with him at night.  A nurse to turn him at night so you don't have to get up every few hours to do it. Or someone to stay with him for safety reasons.

What If Your Child's Cerebral Palsy Was Caused By A Medical Mistake?

If that happened, shouldn't the hospital be accountable and pay for the things your child needs now? 

We think so and that's why we work with families of special needs kids - to make sure they have the resources to provide for everything the child needs when the child's disability was caused by medical malpractice.

Call Our Experienced Cerebral Palsy Lawyers Today For The Help You Need

If you'd like to investigate whether your child's cerebral palsy was caused by a hospital mistake, call us at (202)-393-3320 and let's get started, so you don't have to worry about it.  We'll also send you a copy of our special needs resource guide for resources and opportunities in the D.C. area - with everything from camps to respite care, its full of information for parents of special needs kids.

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