My Insurance Adjuster- Friend or Foe?Can You Trust Your Insurance Adjuster After A Work Accident


If you have been injured at work or in a car accident, you have probably heard of an insurance adjuster, but you may be wondering what someone in this position actually does and – perhaps most importantly – if you can trust anything they have told you or will tell you.


To put it briefly, an insurance adjuster works on behalf of an insurance company. If you are injured and file a claim against a person, employer, or organization, the insurance company that represents them will assign an adjuster to the claim in order to deal with negotiations for your claim and potential settlement. Much of this settlement award depends on that person or employer’s level of liability, as well as the extent of damages (lost income, physical injury, property damage).


It is important to note that no matter how nice an adjuster may be to you or what information they may ask of you, they are not your friend, nor are the working to help you. They are working to resolve claims as quickly as possible and for as little money as possible on the part of the insurance company.


They May Act Like They Are Concerned With Your Situation But Their Goal Is To Make Sure That The Insurance Company Can Avoid Paying As Much Money To You As Possible. 


Ideally, you will not have to speak with an adjuster directly; if you hire an attorney, they will communicate with the adjuster on your behalf or prepare you for speaking with the adjuster when needed. This helps you to avoid being tricked into answering questions that can be skewed by the insurance company to make it look as if you are more at fault for an accident or injury than you actually are. An attorney will also make sure that an adjuster does not confuse or mislead you into settling for less than you are owed. 


If an adjuster reaches out to you after you file a claim, it is well within your rights to tell them you need to speak with an attorney before you discuss any part of the accident, injury, or your treatment with the insurance company. However, if you’ve already spoken to an adjuster, it is not too late to seek legal counsel.


An Attorney Can Take Over This Line Of Communication And Stop Adjusters From Doing Anything Further To Trick You Into Sabotaging Your Own Case. 

  So, in short, the answer to this very common question is no, you should not trust an insurance adjuster and should approach any interaction with them with caution – and preferably a lawyer by your side. Our experienced DC workers compensation lawyers take over all communication with the adjuster so our clients don 't have to worry about anything.

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