What are the effects of birth injury or birth trauma on a newborn?

Birth injuries or birth trauma can have devastating effects on a newborn.  And there can be many causes of birth injury or birth trauma, including medical malpractice or negligence by the doctor, nursing staff or hospital personnel providing medical care for the mom and baby.

There are a lot of questions to ask if you think your child's cerebral palsy, developmental delay or permanent injuries were caused by negligence.  Here are just a few:

Was the mother evaluated by an experienced specialist?

Sometimes a hospital will assign its junior residents or med students going thorough a rotation in obstetrics to be the initial healthcare provders for a pregnant woman and the resident may not recognize when he or she is over their head and needs to call in a more experienced physician.

Was the mother referred to the right specialist?

Here's an example - if the patient is high risk (and there are several ways to determine that) she may need to be examined by a maternal fetal medicine specialist - an obstetrician who cares for high risk patients.

Did the nursing staff or residents communicate effectively with an attending physician?

Sometimes the nurses, residents and interns are the "eyes and ears" of the obstetrician who will deliver the baby.  Are they communicating all of the information to the ob?  Are they communicating critical information quickly?  And are they following the ob's instructions?

Did the doctors and nurses follow up on tests?

If a sonogram was ordered to determine whether a baby was breech, was it done?  Was it done in time?  Did someone take the time to follow up on the results?  Was the result given to the attending physician or the doctor who ordered the test?

Did the doctor come to the hospital to evaluate the patient?
If you have been thinking about these questions, call us to talk it over.  If you have a child with special needs, you probably have many more questions about the delivery, perinatal period (time right before and after birth), APGARS, time in the NICU.

And you have questions about the future - how can you help your child, who will care for your child, who will support her when you're gone.

There are many other questions to ask and they get much more specific as we analyze the medical records with specialists in the fields of obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatric neurology and other areas.