Corporations would have you believe that we live in a materialistic society that uses frivolous lawsuits to fix financial problems, harming mom and pop businesses as well as wasting taxpayers' money. This is not the case. The truth is when innocent Americans are hurt by a product or service, lawsuits not only hold the responsible parties accountable, but they encourage reform. Resulting in safer products and services for all of us.

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) has recently released a brief report exposing the efforts of major corporations to limit Americans’ rights and evade accountability.

How? By creating the illusion that Americans are living in a lawsuit crazy society, where people jump the gun to sue small businesses for frivolous reasons. For over two decades, major corporations have launched this campaign, hiding behind multiple organizations.

The truth is, the number of lawsuits filed have decreased dramatically over the years. And the lawsuits are filed on behalf of everyday Americans, who have been catastrophically injured and harmed. Americans like 22 year-old Kira Gilbert, who died after taking a prescribed generic pain killer before a routine knee surgery. Or like Merlyna Adams, a school principal from Louisiana who went to the hospital for a 10mm kidney stone. What should have been a routine procedure resulted in a quadruple amputation, leaving Merlyna without her hands and with amputations below both of her knees.

Although taxpayers and small businesses are the focus of this campaign to limit the rights of everyday Americans, behind the curtain are a tiny group of executives from Fortune 100 companies. These companies have been responsible for at least one product or service that has harmed or killed an innocent American.

Read more from the AAJ report here

The fact is, legitimate, hard-working people can be seriously injured or killed due to medical malpractice and corporate negligence in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and everywhere else.  When hospitals, HMOs and corporations choose not to do the safe thing, they need to be accountable and responsible for the harms and losses they cause.