Clients often ask us if handling a car accident case is quick and easy, or how it can be done.

Sometimes, it is relatively quick and easy.  If there is no dispute as to how the accident happened, if the other driver admitted it was his fault, and the property damage to the car is minimal and the injuries minor and straightforward.  That's usually the type of case we tell people they can handle on their own (but we still encourage them to get our free e-book, The Truth About Serious Accident Cases in the DMV)

Unfortunately, most of these cases usually aren’t that easy.  Take a serious injury, one involving surgery and hospitalization caused by an accident.  Some insurance companies will fight those claims all the way through the court system to do everything they can to pay as little as they can to settle that case.  They know when someone cannot work, is in financial trouble, worried about their medical bills, treatment and recovery. 

They've already used their considerable political clout, money, and very adept lawyers to try to tilt the system in their favor once you get to court.  

For any injury that is serious - where you can't work to support yourself and your family, you need ongoing or future medical treatment or the injuries are permanent, don't try to handle that yourself, and don't go to some law firm that is a mill, where no one is really in charge of your case or really watching out for you. 

Ease your burdens by consulting with attorneys who are knowledgeable, experienced, explain it all to you in plain English and are committed to you and your family.

Frank R. Kearney, Attorney-at-Law
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