Medical malpractice attorneys answer questions about medical malpractice in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

There is a lot of misinformation about medical malpractice.

How often do medical mistakes occur - or how common is hospital, HMO or clinic malpractice.  And what if medical errors, violations of patient safety rules or lack of communication between doctors leads to severe, permanent injuries or death?

There are no easy answers if your family has been affected by medical malpractice.  You've been harmed by the medical system and you're worried about your future, your family's income or your disabled child's needs - but you're not alone.

Will the doctors, nurses or hospital administrators own up to their medical mistakes and admit they harmed you or someone in your family?  What can you do about it?  Should you even consider suing a hospital or HMO?  What if you like the doctor who caused the problem?

None of these are easy questions - and they certainly won't be answered by a T.V. ad, over the phone or on a website.  
The truth is - in order to get answers to your questions, you need a thorough investigation of the cause of the injury or death.  This takes time.  It takes experts, specialists and consultants.  And it takes experienced people working with you to answer your questions and help with your problems.
 But don't be discouraged.  And don't give up.  We can help you.

 It won't be easy.  It won't be quick.  But you'll get the truth.
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If you think medical malpractice hurt someone in your family (or you're suspicious of it) don't wait to call.

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