Warning D.C. drivers, the District has added 14 more speed cameras in locations throughout D.C.

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This past Tuesday, 14 new speed cameras as well as a new camera that will detect trucks driving in restricted areas, made a debut in Washington, D.C. These new cameras were placed in areas where speeding has been a growing problem in the city and probably where there are a lot of accidents caused by reckless driving and speeding as well. These new areas include parts of Massachusetts Avenue and Georgia Avenue in NW, New York Avenue NE and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in SE.

The new camera to detect trucks in restricted areas was placed in the 1800 block of Monroe Street NW and monitors the westbound traffic. 

Violators will get a warning during the 30-day grace period, but after that 30-day period ends, the police will start to issue tickets. 

Here is a list of all the 14 locations of the new cameras and the direction of traffic:

  • 4600 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW--northwest bound
  • 390 block of Cathedral Avenue NW--northwest bound
  • 2600 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW--southbound
  • 4600 block of Reservoir Road NW---northwest bound
  • 3600 block of Georgia avenue NW--- southbound
  • 4600 block of Arkansas Avenue NW--southwest bound
  • New York Avenue at Bladensburg Rd.--eastbound
  • 2200 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE--northeast bound
  • 3600 block of South Dakota Avenue NE--northeast bound
  • 4600 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE--northwest bound
  • 200 block of 44th Street NE--southbound
  • 2500 block of Martin Luther King Jr, Avenue SE--northbound
  • 4200 block of 6th Street SE--southbound

So be careful - and hopefully these cameras won't cause more accidents because drivers are slamming on their brakes to avoid camera's sensor and the flash that goes off when it takes a picture of a speeding car...

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