These ten medical mistakes are absolutely astonishing. Luckily, CNN gives tips on how to prevent them from happening to you.

John Bodfield | CNN Health

CNN reports on ten shocking medical mistakes they have come across, drawing attention to the ongoing epidemic of medical errors in the health industry. Although some of these mistakes occur more frequently than others, they’re all preventable. Equally important, they have extremely dangerous consequences.

We recently posted an article written by Dr. Makay, a surgeon from Johns Hopkins University Hospital. In his article, Dr. Makay prescribes remedies for hospitals to increase patient safety. Fortunately, CNN’s article not only reveals shocking medical mistakes, but gives you tips on how to prevent them from occurring to you while you’re in the hospital.

Take a look at these medical mistakes and keep them in mind when you have to make a trip to the hospital for a check-up or a procedure. Check them out at

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