Do I need a workman's comp lawyer in D.C.?

Unless you have a very minor injury, the answer is yes.  Here's why:

D.C. Workers Comp is a complicated, confusing process.

Your workers comp adjuster has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of workers comp claims.  She is trained to find ways to pay you less - less weekly benefits, less medical treatment, less for your permanent injury.  And she has the help of insurance lawyers, doctors, nurse case managers, and other specialists to help her do it.

Remember, the insurance company makes money by paying you less for your legitimate on the job injury - and it's legal.

One mistake with your workman's comp case can cost you thousands of dollars.

Not to mention medical care and treatment you may need for your injuries.  Here's a quick example:

You have a D.C. case but the adjuster convinces you to file for workers comp in Maryland or just sends you the forms to sign and return - maybe you live there or your company headquarters is there.  You're a high wage earner.  Because of the different maximum compensation levels, you may have just cost yourself about $300.00 - for every week you can't work because of the injury. 

What will you do when the insurance company stops your benefits?

Say they send you to a notorious insurance doctor, the same one they sent 20 other injured workers to this week.  He says you can go back to work and don't need the treatment your treating orthopaedic doctor has recommended.

Are you prepared to fight this in court?

With any serious injury, you need answers, information and advocacy. 

You need a lawyer who specializes in workers comp cases and other serious injury cases.  And you've come to the right place.

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But don't wait.  The workers comp insurance company is working against you right now, even if you don't know it.