Can I work and get workers comp benefits?

Someone getting full workers comp benefits (usually called temporary total disability or TTD) can't work and get paid for both.  Anyone working and concealing it from the insurance company is committing fraud - remember, the system exists to pay legitimate injured workers, not people who claim they can't work when they are working.

If you can work light duty or in some reduced capacity, you should.  You will still get workers comp benefits but these will be based on partial disability, and the calculation goes like this:  If your pre-injury average weekly wage was $1,000.00 and your light duty wages are $700, you would get $200 in temporary partial disability benefits ($1000 - $700 = $300 x 2/3 = $200.

Many times, the light duty wages will vary so these benefits have to be adjusted every week.  Our staff collects the data, calculates the benefits and follows up with the insurance company to make sure you get all of the benefits you should.