After getting hurt at work in DC, I filled out the paperwork the workers comp insurance company sent me. Isn't this filing my claim? Or do they do it for me?


We hear this all the time (literally yesterday) - you get hurt at work in D.C. and fill out whatever forms the insurance company sends you.  Most people think this is filing their workers comp claim in D.C., but it's not.  Of course you would think your claim was filed, because the insurance company never tells you it wasn't.

So everything seems to be going ok.  You're getting better or you're back to work.

But what happens if the injury is more serious than you first thought?  Or you have a flare-up later and the insurance company denies it because you haven't filed your claim forms?

What does that even mean?

Only you can file your workers compensation claim with the D.C. Office of Workers Compensation - by filing 2 D.C. government forms.  It may not matter that the workers comp adjuster has your statement, or you signed an authorization, or your boss called it in to workers comp the same day the accident happened - none of that is filing your claim, and its that filing with the D.C. government that protects your rights, not anything you sign with the insurance company. 

We have everyone who comes to us sign those forms, even if they think they have in the past, just to make sure.

Sometimes you've done everything right, cooperated with the workers comp insurance, but they may be able to deny your future benefits if you haven't filed your claim. And of course, they don't tell you this at the beginning.

And why worry about it?  Being hurt at work and on workers comp is stressful enough - worrying about whether your next check will come, whether your medical treatment will be approved, whether you need a new doctor, whether you can go back to working your regular job after your injury, whether you can work at all.

So let us take care of the worries for you and your family - and we'll start by making sure your DC workers comp claim is properly filed.  And we'll make sure you can focus on getting better - we handle everything else.

If you'd like to know what it's like to work with us (you'll be pleasantly surprised - we're totally different than most law firms) just give us a call and find out how to get started.