What Happens if I Have A Workers' Comp Claim and a Car Accident Settlement at the Same Time?

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Can you have a workers' compensation claim in DC at the same time as a automobile insurance claim?

The answer is YES. In fact, we've seen it happen more than once. For all of those people who drive as a part of their job yes - you could potentially have simultaneous auto insurance claims and workers' compensation claims.

No need to fret. It's just a matter of managing 2 cases at the same time, with different rules, time restrictions and insurance policies - which is just a part of what we do at Donahoe Kearney when we representing an injured worker whose injuries were caused by someone else or another company.

We can also manage a workers' compensation claim and a third-party claim at the same time. Take, for example, a construction worker who was injured on the job site, so he/she is entitled to a workers' comp claim. But let's say, at the same time, a third-party, like another contractor, was responsible for the accident. Well then you have two claims and you may be entitled to two separate settlements.

It's complicated because there is overlap between the 2 cases, but that's why you come here!  We do everything we can to maximize both cases to take care of you financially after a serious accident at work caused by someone else - another driver, a different company, a contractor, you name it.

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