You Can Claim DC Workers Comp Even If You Aggravated A Pre-Existing ConditionAggravating a Pre-Existing Condition at Work in DC

Many people believe that they will be disqualified from DC workers comp because they aggravated an old injury. In fact, the adjuster will tell you that it's not covered because the original injury happened off site. But it's simply not true. The workers comp insurance shouldn't deny your claim just because you have a pre-existing condition, but many times they do. If this happens you should assert your rights - pre-existing conditions are covered under the DC workers comp law.

In D.C. an underlying condition that was made symptomatic or aggravated by an injury at work is covered by workers compensation.  Many workers have had prior on the job injuries or conditions, like a bad back, that have flared up from time to time. Some people have medical conditions that may make an injury more severe than if it had happened to someone else, like a condition that causes brittle bones.  A fracture caused by a fall at work may be more severe and require additional treatment, surgery and recovery time than it would have otherwise.

If you have a pre-existing condition or medical history and you are hurt at work, don't give the insurance company a recorded statement.  They will use any mention of your condition to deny or delay your workers comp benefits - medical treatment and weekly income - even if there is no medical basis to do so.

What Should You Do If You Aggravate A Pre-existing Condition At Work in DC

You should treat the injury as if it were brand-new and get the appropriate medical treatment. And follow our guide to avoid common mistakes most people make after a work accident in DC. Make sure you notify your supervisor that you were hurt at work and refuse to give any recorded statements to an insurance adjuster. Don 't sign any medical records release authorizations. Don't let any nurse case managers into your doctor's appointments. And call our offices to see if our experienced workers comp lawyer Frank Kearney can help you get the benefits and treatment you need to recover.

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