A lot of people who are hurt at work in Washington, D.C. are worried about losing their job, or having to sue the company they've worked for for many years because they got hurt at work.  Here's how it works:

An experienced DC workers comp attorney will file your claim for workers comp benefits, not sue your employer.

When you get hurt at work in Washington, D.C., you are entitled to workers compensation benefits under D.C. law.  Workers comp benefits include payment for your lost income while you can't work and payment of all of your medical expenses.

You can't sue your employer for an injury that happened while you were working - that's the law in D.C. So be very careful if any attorney tells you otherwise - it just isn't true.  And there are a lot of attorneys out there who claim to be specialists or experts in D.C. workers comp cases, so don't get fooled, especially if you have a serious injury.

We even have a guide of questions to ask any attorney you are thinking about hiring for your D.C. workers comp case and a checklist of what to look for to make sure you get the best lawyer for your D.C. workers comp case.

Our experienced lawyers deal with the workers comp insurance company, not your job

We do this for a lot of reasons.  First, all private employers in D.C. are required to have workers compensation insurance, and the insurance company calls the shots - not your employer. 

Our attorneys and staff intentionally don't contact your job - everything we do is through the workers comp insurance company. Again, this is very intentional.  We want to make sure you preserve your good relationship with your company, and let's face it, most companies freak out when they get a letter or phone calls from a law firm.

Third - while you should keep your job up to date about whether you can return to work after the injury, the details of your medical treatment and workers comp claim are really none of their business.

You need someone to guide you through the complicated workers comp system in D.C. and we can help with that.

After a work injury in D.C., you don't sue your employer, you file a workers comp claim

Our experienced workers comp attorneys make it easy on you after you get hurt at work.  We file all of the claim forms and paperwork you need to get workers comp benefits in D.C. 

We talk to to the insurance company so you don't have to.  We deal with their adjusters, nurses, case managers, claims representatives and law firms so you don't have to. All you have to do is focus on your recovery and rehab and getting better.

But if another company or person causes your injury in DC, you can sue them

If your on the job injury was caused by another person or company, you also have a case against that person or company - and we can help you with that as well. It's important that your lawyer understand how to use both cases to make sure you are fully compensated.

We see this a lot on construction sites, when a construction worker is hurt because another subcontractor or general contractor didn't follow the safety rules, but it can happen to any worker in any type of job - for example, slipping and falling on a wet floor because a cleaning crew didn't put out the warning signs, getting into a car accident traveling from one job location to another or a pedestrian accident going to pick up office supplies.

The key is getting the right attorney and the best information - that's what we do

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