Late Workers' Comp Checks in DC Are A Big Problem. Our Aggressive Workers Comp Lawyers Can Fix It

Late workers' comp checks don't mean you can be late on your bills.  Your creditors don't care if your workers' comp check is late and now you can't pay your mortgage, rent, car, utilities, and other bills.

Do you have the time, resources, and ability to make sure your checks come on time? We do.

Can you convince the adjuster, nurse case manager, and your doctor all to do the right thing so your check isn't held up and comes on time, regularly so you can pay your bills, feed your family and do what is important for you? We can.

Our Professional, Experienced Staff Makes Sure Your Adjuster Sends Your Check On Time.

There are a number of reasons adjusters don't send out workers compensation benefit checks on time like they're supposed to. The adjuster just forgot.  Or the supervisor has to authorize it.  Or the computer made a mistake. They put your address wrong in the system. The automatic system failed. There are a lot of excuses they will give you. 

Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company - and her job is to reduce the amount of medical treatment and benefits the insurance company has to pay you.  Even an adjuster who is friendly, organized, and hasn't given you any trouble at all may also have three hundred cases on her desk, so she isn't going to give you any special attention when she gets busy. 

What can you do about it?  You need persistent, targeted, professional follow-up.  And that's hard to do by yourself; most people don't have the training, experience, or time to navigate the DC workers' compensation system and deal with an insurance company. That's one of the first benefits we provide for our clients.

We Have A System In Place To Follow Up For Our Clients And Take Action When Your Check Is Late

It's important to keep your benefits checks coming on time. 

Remember, in D.C., the insurance company can stop your benefits for just about any reason, or no reason at all. They can send you to one of their doctors for an appointment with an insurance doctor, (insurance companies call this an "IME") and that doctor may say any number or things. He may say you can go back to work, or that your injury or condition is not related to your work injury, that your injury was caused by some other factors, or that it has resolved or gotten better (or worse; it should have gotten better by now so you must be faking).

Or maybe your doctor has not yet responded to their requests for more info on your medical condition, or hasn't given you an out-of-work or disability slip indicating you cannot yet return to work. Maybe they have talked to your employer and are questioning the workers' comp claim. Maybe you need a hearing to get your checks flowing again.

If your check is late, so you can't pay the bills, or you're not sure you are being paid the right amount (a lot of people aren't paid the correct amount and they don't know it - the insurance adjuster won't tell you that, it's not her job...), or your medical treatment is delayed and you aren't getting better, you don't have to put up with it any longer.

If Your Workers Comp Check Is Always Late, Contact Our Experienced Lawyers Today

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But do it today. Here's why. First, the sooner we can start helping you and your family, the better off you will be.  Second, if you wait, we may not be able to or be available to help (we prefer everything be done right from the beginning - a lot of people (or the wrong lawyer) make significant mistakes in their case without even knowing it).

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