You Need An Experienced DC Worker's Comp Attorney

If you were hurt at work in Washington DC, there is a significant chance you can make a serious mistake in your workers compensation claim, and not even know it. You see, the worker's compensation system in DC is very different than in Maryland or Virginia

We tell people all the time that if you have a major injury, a serious injury that requires surgery, or an injury preventing you from returning to work, that you should hire an experienced workers comp lawyer as soon as you can. We’ve even developed a checklist of what to ask when you are interviewing a lawyer to make sure you are are right attorney are you and your family.

There Are Major Benefits To Working With An Attorney On Your Worker's Comp Case From The Beginning

  • Knowing your claim is properly and timely filed in the right jurisdiction (insurance companies want you to file your claim and Maryland or Virginia so they can pay you less)
  • Knowing that you are not seeing insurance company doctors for your injuries (there are doctors and clinics out there that only see patients referred to them by insurance companies – whose side do you think they’re on?)
  • Having professional advocates who deal with the insurance, claims adjusters, and nurse case managers for you. 
  • Knowing you are getting the right amount of benefits and setting your case up to get additional benefits in the future (the insurance company will never tell you everything you may be entitled to based on your work injury)
  • Knowing you can focus on your healing and rehab because you have a team of experienced specialists handling every other aspect of your worker’s compensation case.

Whether You've Just Been Hurt At Work & Have Questions About The Process Or Have Been On Worker's Compensation Benefits For A Long Time, We Make It Easy For You. 

Our experienced DC worker’s compensation team will talk to you and give you a plan to guide you to stand up to the insurance company, making sure you get everything you are entitled to - making sure you recieve the financial benefits and medical treatment you need to make sure you have the best outcome for your case. We take away the stress, uncertainty and anxiety of the workers comp process. And we keep you updated every step of the way so you always know what’s going on.

If you have a serious work injury that you are dealing with, reach out to us today to see how we can help, by calling 202-393-3320. The call is absolutely free, completely confidential, and there is no obligation. But don’t wait, all cases have timelines and if we can help, we want to get to work for you and your family right away!

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