I was hurt on the job in DC. What should I do?

After a work-related injury, there are several things that you NEED to do.

  • Notify your employer of the injury: After an injury in DC, you have up to 30 days to notify your employer. Don’t wait—the sooner  the better because if you wait, the insurance company may use that as an excuse to delay or even deny your case.
  • File a claim in the RIGHT JURISDICTION to protect your rights: This is a crucial step. A lot of people think that by just notifying your employer, you’ve filed your claim – you haven’t.  Don’t rely on your employer to file all the necessary paperwork for you to get your workers’ compensation benefits. Even though you might have a good relationship with your employer, YOU are the one who files the claim, not them.  Your job just notifies it’s workers compensation insurance company.  For example, in DC, there are two forms that you need to file to the DC Office of Workers Compensation. [ADVICE: Make copies of all documents. They could be helpful evidence in the future.]
  • Do your research: This is most likely your first injury on the job. Meanwhile, insurance companies have been handling workers compensation cases for years.  It’s an unfair game. Take matters into your own hands. Do your homework and research your rights and responsibilities as an injured worker.

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And remember, time limits may apply.