What should I bring with me when I meet my lawyer?

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At the initial meeting, you should bring copies of any reports you have regarding your accident whether filled out by you, the police or others. Also, you should bring your health insurance information and any papers you received at the hospital or from other health care providers related to your treatment. It’s helpful to have any photos you might have showing your injuries, the place where you were injured or your car or other vehicles involved in the accident

Plus, any medical records, doctor's notes or pay stubs you have are a good start.  We'll be able to get all of this information directly from the doctors, hospitals and employers, but bring everything you have.

In a car accident case, you should bring a copy of your car insurance policy so we can review the coverage you have that could help you.

The biggest thing about hiring a lawyer is trust - is he or she the right person for you and your family?

That's why we wrote and recommend you bring a copy of our Personal Injury Lawyer Evaluation Form. With this form you will be able to ask the lawyer about his/her experience, practice and qualifications. Think of it like an interview, you want to make sure they are the right fit for you-- like in an interview with a future employer.

And remember, you only have one case, so take your time and find the best lawyer for you and your family.

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